Becoming an Applied Behavior Analyst in Alabama

While the behavior analysis field continues to become more regulated, each state may have its own rules for how to become certified in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This guide will help you determine what you need to become certified as a behavior analyst in the state of Alabama, including information on programs you can apply to within the state.

Is Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Certification Required to Become an ABA in Alabama?

In order to practice applied behavior analysis in the state of Alabama, you will need to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. In order to earn this credential, you will need to complete an eligible master’s program, fieldwork, and exam, and other requirements so that you can apply for certification from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). Learn more about how to become a BCBA.

Alabama Behavior Analyst Fieldwork Requirements

Given that Alabama behavior analysts need BCBA certification, they must complete either 1,500 hours of concentrated supervised fieldwork or 2,000 hours of supervised fieldwork, or a combination of both. This fieldwork can begin as soon as a student has attended his or her first class. Depending on the Applied Behavior Analysis master’s program you enroll in, all of this fieldwork may be included in your curriculum, or you may need to supplement with additional experience. Below, you will find information on what different ABA programs in Alabama require for practicums or fieldwork. Programs included are those with verified course sequences according to the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

ABA Master’s Programs in Alabama

The following table offers information on ABA master’s programs offered in the state of Alabama. Further down, you will find information on each program’s practicum offerings:

Program Degree City Mode
Auburn University Applied Behavior Analysis, MS Auburn On Campus
Jacksonville State University MS in Applied Behavior Analysis Jacksonville On Campus
Troy University MS in Applied Behavior Analysis Troy Hybrid
University of Alabama in Huntsville MS in Applied Behavior Analysis Huntsville Online

Auburn University

The MS in Applied Behavior Analysis at Auburn University includes 24 semester hours of coursework, a nine credit capstone, and 12 credits of practicum. Students who complete this program will meet the requirement for 1,500 hours of concentrated supervised fieldwork. This program is offered on campus.

Jacksonville State University

The MS in Applied Behavior Analysis at Jacksonville State University includes 21 semester hours of coursework. This program does not have a practicum requirement, so students will need to meet the BCBA fieldwork requirement on their own. This is an on campus program.

Troy University

The MS in Applied Behavior Analysis at Troy University requires 24 semester hours of courses, six semester hours of thesis, and 18 semester hours of concentrated supervised fieldwork. You will earn enough concentrated supervised field experience while completing this program to sit for the BCBA exam.

University of Alabama in Huntsville

The MS in Applied Behavior Analysis from University of Alabama in Huntsville consists of 33 semester hours of coursework. There is no fieldwork requirement for this program, so in order to sit for the BCBA exam students must complete fieldwork outside of the program, but the Department of Curriculum and Instruction will assist students in finding necessary experiences. Much of this program is completed online.

Online ABA Programs

There are also many online ABA programs that you can enroll in that you can complete without having to move out of your state. Students may appreciate the flexibility that is offered by online programs, which allow you to earn an accredited degree without having to commute to class or move close to campus. Online programs are delivered in different formats for different students – some use video streaming to mimic the feel of a real classroom, for those who are looking for discussion and interactiveness. For the busiest of students, other programs may utilize pre recorded lectures so that students can truly learn when it is most convenient for them.

This resource on online ABA programs can help you explore online ABA program options. After reviewing this resource, you can look at the program sites for the online programs you are interested in to learn more about the program, fieldwork offerings, and more. You can learn more about fieldwork requirements on the state page related to where the university is based, and our guide to admission requirements by program can help you determine which programs you may wish to apply to.

Applied for Behavior Analyst Licensure in Alabama

Once you are a BCBA, you can apply for licensure through the Alabama Behavior Analyst Licensure Board. You will need to pay a $25 application fee and a $150 Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) licensure fee, and complete the online application process. Once the application is submitted, a background check will be completed by the board, and they will verify your certification as a BCBA. You will be notified via email once your license is approved and receive your certificate in the mail.

How Do You Maintain Your Applied Behavior Analyst License in Alabama?

LBA licenses are renewed every other year in Alabama, expiring on December 31st the year following initial licensure and then every two years after that.