Becoming an Applied Behavior Analyst in Arkansas

The pathway to entering the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can vary state by state. While some states have adopted the requirement of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification for entering the field, each state has its own department and application process for state licensure. Some states may not require BCBA certification and may have varying degrees of alternative requirements instead. This guide will help you understand what you need to do to become a behavior analyst in the state or Arkansas.

Is Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Certification Required to Become an ABA in Arkansas?

BCBA certification is not needed to work as a behavior analyst in Arkansas. There are no licensure requirements for working in the ABA field in Arkansas at all. Still, you may consider becoming a BCBA to gain credibility in the field and to ensure you have the skills you need to deliver quality services. Learn more about how to become a BCBA.

Arkansas Behavior Analyst Fieldwork Requirements

Because Arkansas does not regulate behavior analysts, there is no fieldwork requirement for licensure. For those who wish to become a BCBA, either 1,500 hours of concentrated supervised fieldwork or 2,000 hours of supervised fieldwork will need to be completed. Students looking to earn their BCBA credential can start working on field experience after they go to the first class of their master’s program. It is important to determine whether your program will include all of the BCBA required fieldwork as part of its curriculum – if not you will need to make sure to secure the field experiences that you need to become certified. Below, you will find information on fieldwork requirements for the ABA programs in Arkansas that are Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) verified course sequences.

ABA Master’s Programs in Arkansas

The following table offers information on ABA master’s programs offered in the state of Arkansas. Further down, you will find information on each program’s practicum offerings:

Program Degree City Mode
Ouachita Baptist University Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis Arkadelphia Online

Ouachita Baptist University

The Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis offered by Ouachita Baptist University is a 15 month, 36 semester hour program that includes 12 credits of fieldwork experience. The majority of this program can be completed online.

Online ABA Programs

Another option for those who want to apply to additional programs but want to stay in Arkansas is online learning. There are various online ABA degrees out there that provide flexibility to students because they can be completed wherever the student lives, without needing to commute or sit in a classroom. Online offerings range from asynchronous coursework where students view pre recorded lectures at their convenience to highly engaging options delivered via video streaming. Whether you are seeking an interactive experience or a program that can accommodate your hectic schedule, there are different online programs out there that can meet your needs.

This resource on online ABA programs can help you explore online ABA program options. Our guide to admission requirements by program can help you determine which programs, including online programs, you may wish to apply to.

Apply for Behavior Analyst Licensure in Arkansas

You do not need to apply for state licensure to practice as a behavior analyst in Arkansas. If you are pursuing the BCBA certification, check out our guide on how to become a BCBA.

How Do You Maintain Your Applied Behavior Analyst License in Arkansas?

Because state licensure is not required to practice as a behavior analyst in Arkansas, there is no licensure renewal or maintenance process.