Becoming an Applied Behavior Analyst in Colorado

Though more and more states are adopting the requirement of Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification as the standard for licensure as an Applied Behavior Analyst (ABA), others have their own unique requirements for state licensure, or no requirements at all. Colorado is one of those states that has not yet regulated licensure for the ABA profession. Still, those in Colorado may be interested in which programs they can enroll in so that they can become BCBAs and demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills needed to provide behavior analysis services. Some jobs may require that a BCBA credential is held. This guide will address how to become a behavior analyst in Colorado.

Information on this page was retrieved from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board as of September 2022. Requirements for behavior analyst licensure may change. Be sure to check with the licensing board for up to date information.

Is Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Certification Required to Become an ABA in Colorado?

BCBA certification is not a requirement for practicing as a behavior analyst in Colorado. A BCBA is still a valuable way to gain credibility as a behavior analyst and to adequately prepare to enter the field. Learn more about how to become a BCBA.

Colorado Behavior Analyst Fieldwork Requirements

For those who decide to become a BCBA, either 1,500 hours of concentrated supervised fieldwork or 2,000 hours of supervised fieldwork will need to be completed. This fieldwork can start as soon as the first class of a master’s program is attended. Some programs will include all BCBA required fieldwork as part of their curriculum, others will only require some of the hours or none at all. Below, you will find information on fieldwork requirements for the ABA programs in Colorado that are Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) verified course sequences.

ABA Master’s Programs in Colorado

The following table offers information on ABA master’s programs offered in the state of Colorado. Further down, you will find information on each program’s practicum offerings:

Program Degree City Mode
University of Denver MA in Early Childhood Special Education Denver On Campus or Online

University of Denver

The MA in Early Childhood Special Education offered by the University of Denver features an ABAI verified course sequence. The program, which can be completed on campus or online, includes 600 hours of practicum, so additional hours will need to be completed outside of the program.

Online ABA Programs

Online ABA programs are another great means of earning your behavior analysis degree online. The flexibility that can be gained from going to class from the comfort of home can make earning a degree easier for busy students. Many prestigious institutions offer degrees in ABA that can be completed online. This resource on online ABA programs can help you explore online ABA program options. Our guide to admission requirements by program can help you determine which programs, including online programs, you may wish to apply to.

Apply for Behavior Analyst Licensure in Colorado

Colorado does not regulate Board Certified Behavior Analysts. If you are looking to earn the BCBA certification, check out our guide on how to become a BCBA.

How Do You Maintain Your Applied Behavior Analyst License in Colorado?

State licensure is not required for behavior analysts in Colorado

Last updated September 2022