Becoming an Applied Behavior Analyst in Florida

Florida is unique in the sense that it used to require licenses to practice Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) but no longer does. It does not at this time require Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification to practice, as more and more states are doing. Still, the BCBA credential may be required for many positions and also is a way to clearly show that one has the training and experience needed to practice behavior analysis. This guide will address how to become a behavior analyst in Florida.

Information on this page was retrieved from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board as of September 2022. Requirements for behavior analyst licensure may change. Be sure to check with the licensing board for up to date information.

Is Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Certification Required to Become an ABA in Florida?

Florida behavior analysts no longer need a license, so a BCBA credential is not necessary. Still, this credential may be the key to your learning, jobs, and respect in the field. Learn more about how to become a BCBA.

Florida Behavior Analyst Fieldwork Requirements

While Florida does not require you to become a BCBA, for those who pursue the credential either 1,500 hours of concentrated supervised fieldwork or 2,000 hours of supervised fieldwork are required. If you do go for your BCBA credential, this fieldwork can commence after the bell rings at the end of the first class of your master’s program. Programs may require varying amounts of practicum work that can count towards these hours – some will bake all of the needed fieldwork into the curriculum while others will not include any at all. Below, you will find information on fieldwork requirements for the ABA programs in Florida that are Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) verified course sequences.

ABA Master’s Programs in Florida

The following table offers information on ABA master’s programs offered in the state of Florida. Further down, you will find information on each program’s practicum offerings:

Program Degree City Mode
Florida Institute of Technology Master’s In Organizational Behavior Management Melbourne On Campus
Florida Institute of Technology Master’s In Applied Behavior Analysis Orlando On Campus
Florida Institute of Technology MA in Behavior Analysis Practice  Melbourne Online
Florida International University MS in Psychology: Major in Behavior Analysis Miami Hybrid
Florida State University MS Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis Tallahassee On Campus
Nova Southeastern University Master of Human Services in Child Protection with Concentration in Advocating for the Child as a Behavior Analyst Ft. Lauderdale Online
Nova Southeastern University MS in Developmental Disabilities Ft. Lauderdale Online
Nova Southeastern University MS in Counseling with a Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis Ft. Lauderdale Online
Rollins College MA in Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science Winter Park On Campus
University of Miami Master’s in Psychology with Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis Coral Gables On Campus
University of North Florida MEd in Special Education with a Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis Jacksonville On Campus or Online
University of South Florida Applied Behavior Analysis MS Tampa On Campus
University of South Florida MA in Applied Behavior Analysis Tampa Online
University of West Florida Exceptional Student Education, MA, with Applied Behavior Analysis Specialization Pensacola Online

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology offers a variety of master’s programs that can prepare students for BCBA certification – in Organizational Behavior Management, Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Analysis Practice, and Psychology. Some of these programs are on campus, others are online or hybrid. Check with the programs you are interested in to see if there are fieldwork components built into the program.

Florida International University

Florida International University offers an MS in Psychology with a major in behavior analysis. This 45 credit hour program is hybrid and does include a practicum, though this practicum does not require that you gain all the experience needed to sit for the BCBA exam.

Florida State University

Florida State University offers an on campus MS in Applied Behavior Analysis. This program is on campus and includes 3 practicum courses.

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University offers several master’s degrees that feature ABAI verified course sequences – one in Human Services in Child Protection, one in Developmental Disabilities, and one in counseling. Check with the individual programs that you are interested in to see if any portion of the curriculum is devoted to the field experience required to take the BCBA exam.

Rollins College

Rollins College offers an MA in Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science. This 57 credit on campus program includes 750 clinical placement hours – so you will need to supplement with additional hours outside of the program if you choose to go for BCBA certification.

University of Miami

University of Miami offers a 42 credit Master’s in Psychology with an ABA specialization. This program includes practicum requirements that will fulfill all the experience requirements set by the BACB.

University of North Florida

University of North Florida offers an MEd in Special Education with a Behavior Analysis concentration. This is a 36 semester hour program that includes an optional practicum that can meet some of the fieldwork requirements for the BCBA credential.

University of South Florida

University of South Florida offers an on campus MS and online MA in Applied Behavior Analysis. Both options will require students to fulfill all BCBA fieldwork requirements as part of their curricula.

University of West Florida

University of West Florida offers an Exceptional Student Education master’s with an ABA specialization. This online program is a 30 credit program that does not have a fieldwork requirement.

Online ABA Programs

Online ABA programs are another great option for many students, including those who need the flexibility of nixing the commute to class. Online program experiences vary from learning on your own time to logging in to participate in live, engaging classes over webcam. Look at different online options to find the ones that best fit your learning style and scheduling needs. This resource on online ABA programs can help you explore online ABA program options. Our guide to admission requirements by program can help you determine which programs, including online programs, you may wish to apply to.

Apply for Behavior Analyst Licensure in Florida

Florida does not have a behavior analyst license. If you are looking to earn the BCBA certification, check out our guide on how to become a BCBA.

How Do You Maintain Your Applied Behavior Analyst License in Florida?

State licensure is not required for behavior analysts in Florida

Last updated September 2022