Special Education Resources

Find helpful online resources for teachers, students and parents

Parents, educators and students alike are all facing both unprecedented challenges in education, as well as an overwhelming amount of information on the potential shortfalls of the system, and strategies to overcome issues. Here, we have curated a list of important resources for special education students, ranging from online assistive technology, to learning software, to legal resources, and associations you can get information from or join.

 As we navigate the time of distance learning, it is our hope that our list of special education resources will help you advocate for and educate your children.

Subject Resources

Subject-specific resources in reading, math, handwriting, science, social studies and other STEM topics.



Bookshare is an eBook library that offers a variety of books and resources for schools, students and adults. Membership is open to anyone that is unable to read traditional print materials.

Learning Ally


Learning Ally is a non-profit educational organization that offers schools, students and educators audiobooks and similar resources to help blind, dyslexic and visually impaired students learn to read. 



Raz-Kids is an online site designed to not just teach children k-5 to read but to make reading and learning fun. This award-winning site offers online books, songs, quizzes and fun projects for children while sending results to teachers so they can monitor the student’s progress.

Learning Without Tears


Learning Without Tears is an award-winning educational program that offers various individual programs for Pre-K-5 students, such as distance learning courses, webinars, workshops and programs that teach handwriting, keyboarding and similar courses.

Mystery Science


Mystery Science is a site for teachers and educators that has a science curriculum for students k-5. It offers remote yet hands-on learning courses that include STEM, Common Core and NGSS-aligned courses and educational materials.

Foss Web


FOSS, which stands for Full Option Science System, is a research-based science curriculum aimed at teaching students k-8 everything they need to know about science and engineering concepts while helping them participate in learning practices.



Exploratorium is an online science museum started by Frank Oppenheimer, a teacher, professor and experimental physicist. It consists of more than 35,000 science events, film screens, exhibits and similar content to teach students and instructors more about science.

Studies Weekly Online


Studies Weekly is an online educational site for students, teachers, parents and school districts. It offers online learning materials in the areas of science, social studies, civil rights and professional development. It offers a curriculum for grades 5 and 6.

Crash Course World History


Crash Course World History offers a course on the history of the world. The 42 episodes, which are on a YouTube video, are aimed at teaching students all the important facts of the world that they ever wanted to know.

Rozzy Learning Company


Rozzy Learning Company is an online educational site that offers online science, social studies and STEM programs designed to help prepare students for the future.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a non-profit educational site that offers learning programs that allow students to learn at their own pace. It offers students, teachers and instructors distance-learning resources and courses in all subjects for students K-9 as well.



Dreambox Learning is an internet-based math program aimed at helping students not just learn math but become better at math. It provides teachers with adaptive learning tools and students with individualized lessons.

Math is Fun


Math is Fun is a site the offers math programs and courses for students K-12. Their curriculum is designed to make learning math fun easy and enjoyable for students.

Online IEP Resources

Get resources from other parents to help navigate the IEP process, especially during distance learning.

A Day in Our Shoes


IEP Planner is an online site that offers teachers, instructors and parents’ valuable resources regarding issues with teaching, such as teaching in a pandemic, working with disabilities, living frugally, special education and dealing with activism.

LD Online


LD Online is a site that’s focused on Individualized Education Programs and working with ADHD students and students with other learning disabilities. It offers a large variety of learning materials and online resources.



KidsHealth from Nemours offers Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and special learning programs for students with disabilities. A big bonus to these programs is that they are offered for free.

Parent Network and Resource Center


Parent Network and Resource Center offers online training programs for teachers on how to develop individualized education programs to help students with special needs and offer related help to the parents.



ADDiTude is an online educational program that offers learning materials for parents of ADHD students and students with similar learning disabilities. It also offers materials for parents and teachers to assist them in creating curriculums.



Virtual SC is an online site designed for school districts, teachers, parents and students. Its purpose is to help disabled students take courses to earn high school credits.



Understood is a site that provides teachers and instructors with information on how to create 504 plans with ADHD students, individualized learning programs with specific emphasis with making the program meet the student’s needs and learning ability.

Center for Parent Information and Resources


Center for Parent Information and Resources is an educational site that offers articles, webinars and training information to help parents deal with everyday issues. It also offers parents the ability to network with other parents.

School Services of California


School Services of California is an employee-owned company that offers workshops, consulting services and similar resources to help parents and teachers create and work with Section 504 Plans and programs to work with students with disabilities.

Martin Virtual Programs


Martin Virtual Programs offers valuable information and programs focused on distance learning and teaching students online through video conferencing and various multimedia resources.

Assistive Technology

Free and low-cost assistive technology resources for students to succeed in the classroom.

Alliance for Assistive Technology


Alliance of Assistive Technology is a collaborated group of professional associations and societies focused on creating programs to help people with disabilities learn and be functional in a technology-based world.



This site offers information on who to install Chrome Vox, which is an extension of Chrome and functional with Windows and Mac OS X. Chrome Vox is used with many training programs for schools.



Flipgrid is a free site where parents and teachers can access videos related to students K-12 and share discussions with other parents and teachers.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen


Livescribe is a site that sells and advertises educational items like the SmartPen and Dot Paper, which can capture images of handwriting and transcribe it accordingly.



ActiveWords is a program that’s used with Microsoft word to help do documents quickly. As you type letter or word combinations, this program does various other useful things related to your document.



PenFriend is a software program that helps people with physical disabilities such as dyslexia, cerebral palsy or other visual impairments that make it difficult to write on a keyboard. It predicts what the next word of a sentence will be and types it.



Math Talk is a mathematics software that utilizes voice recognition. Teachers, students and visually impaired students can do math on this program without having to talk.

KNFB Reader


KNFB Reader is a program that allows users to take a picture of text, and the program turns the text into speech or even Braille. The text can then be saved to documents or shared.



Inspiration is a program that offers training to help individuals with students 18-22 years old who have disabilities but wish to earn a certificate of completion from their school district.

Resources for Educators

Free and low-cost educator resources prepared by other educators.

Digital Adapted Work Binders


Teachers Pay Teachers is an online site that offers a variety of genuine educational resources. They offer educational programs for students K-12 and options that allow teachers worldwide to communicate and share stories. This site offers digital adapted work binders for teachers and instructors who wish to teach their students through distance learning. This is ideal for home schooling students.

Reading A-Z


Reading A-Z is a learning website that offers thousands of resources for developing online curriculum for reading programs and courses. This affordable program is popular with teachers and parents.

Book Companions


The Autism Helper is a site comprised of professionals trained in the area of autism. This site offers educational programs for parents and teachers as well as courses in subjects like math, science, language and social studies for autistic students.

Visual Recipes


Visual Recipes offers a variety of healthy recipes covering all the food groups as well as educational programs in subjects like technology, math, music, health, human development and various other topics not covered in a traditional classroom.



Starfall is a free service committed to helping children learn. Focused on K-3, this site offers books and training materials to help make learning fun, including songs, reading materials, puzzles and animated projects.



Brainpop is an educational site the offers products to help students not just learn but also understand difficult concepts in the world. It also offers resources for teachers working in diverse school systems as well as parents.



Nearpod is a site the offers more than 8,500 interactive training videos and lessans in various topics and for students of all grade levels. Students and teachers can choose between classroom assignments, hybrid of distance learning.



Do2Learn is an educational resource to help students with disabilities. Through the use of games, songs and picture cards, do2Learn provides students and teachers with courses and programs for students with special needs. It also offers resources to help students academically and with employment and life skills.

Adaptive Worksheets


Adaptive Worksheets provides teachers and parents with the tools to create interactive and adaptive worksheets and lesson plans the students can either do online or print out and complete.

Resources for Parents

Websites and articles that provide help to parents navigating special education topics. 

Child Development Institute


Child Development Institute offers valuable information and articles to parents involving a variety of topics and offers specialized information and resources for teachers or parents working with students with ADD-ADHD.

Through the Looking Glass


Through the Looking Glass is a program committed to working with families with disabilities and providing them with learning tools that are beneficial to families. The staff is made up of doctors, social workers, psychologists, teachers and other professionals.



PACER Center is an organization that helps improve the quality of life for parents, children and teachers with disabilities so they can live life to their fullest potential. Pacer uses courses, training programs, workshops and webinars. 

Easter Seals


Easter Seals is a large non-profit health organization that raises money to provide to healthcare resources to the millions of people with disabilities. They offer programs covering topics like mental health, adult day care, autism and more.



TASH is an international organization that advocates to individuals with disabilities and have difficulty learning. They provide various programs and resources to parents, teachers and other advocates.

Special Education News


Disability Scoop is a Special Education News Source that educates readers about news regarding education, disabled students and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also has a job posting on its website.

The Federation for Children with Special Needs


The Federation for Children with Special Needs offers training and professional development programs as well as resources to help deal with diversity and systemic racism in our world.

Family Voices


Family Voices is a family-handled national organization that focuses on children, friends of children and families with special needs whether they’re educational, physical or emotional. The offer nationwide networking with other organizations.

Team of Advocates for Special Kids


Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK) is an organization that helps families dealing with disabilities, special education and assistive technology. They provide information, programs and emotional support.

The Resource Room


The Resource Room offers articles, lesson, and valuable resources to aid in multisensory learning for individuals of all ages, including those with learning disabilities and difficulties. It benefits tutors, home educators, students and teachers. 

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped


National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is a free talking book and braille library program for individuals with permanent or temporary vision problems, blindness and any other disability that stops them from holding or reading printed material.



SPARKLE is an educational site that offers various resources and links to other educational articles, posts and programs for a variety of individuals involved in education one way or another.


National associations for a variety of special education topics that parents and educators can join.

National Association of Special Education Teachers


National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) is a national membership association committed to helping teachers and parents ensure children and students meet the needs of special education students.

Council for Exceptional Children


Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is a large professional organization committed to providing the best resources and educational programs for students with disabilities as well as talented or gifted students.

Learning Disabilities Association of America


Learning Disabilities Association of America is a site that offers various resources, articles and advice helpful for parents and children with disabilities. This site is beneficial to not just students and parents but also teachers and educators.

Council of Administrators of Special Education


Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE), which is part of CEC, is an organization dedicated to making sure very student and disability receive respect, the right to be treated equal and the right to receive the appropriate education.

International Dyslexia Association


International Dyslexia Association is an organization and site committed to educating students, parents and teachers about dyslexia and providing them with the best ways to educate these individuals.

National Federation of the Blind


National Federation of the Blind is an organization the provides resources and valuable information for blind individuals and family members of blind individuals. It offers workshops, programs and certifications.

Developmental Disabilities Council


Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council is a Federal and State site and organization that helps both individuals with disabilities as well as family members of disabled individuals. They offer valuable resources and programs.

Parent to Parent


Parent to Parent is an association that promotes excellence in teaching to people across the nation. They provide both informational and emotional support to individuals with learning disabilities and also provide support to family members.

Children and Adults with AD/HD


Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) is a site that offers information on ADHD as well as programs and education for ADHD students as well as their parents and teachers.

National Association of Private Special Education Centers


National Association of Private Special Education Centers is a non-profit association that offers more than 400 statewide programs and 200 national programs aimed at helping those in need of special education regardless of the reason.

SENIA International


SENIA International is an organization that helps teachers, parents and children work with developmental and disability learning issues. They offer workshops, programs, conferences and events where these individuals can meet and communicate.

Legal Resources

List of legal resources for parents to use to help advocate for their special needs child.



Wrightslaw is site that offers information on advocacy and special education laws involving children with disabilities to educators, instructors, parents, attorney and advocates of these at-risk children. It also offers information on how Covid-19 has affected learning.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act


Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a government site that offers a variety of information on the laws regarding disabled individuals as well as resources that are helpful to parents and teachers of disabled students.

American Arbitration Association


American Arbitration Association is an association that acts as an arbitrator or third party and helps to solve dilemmas and disputes in attempt to avoid costly and unnecessary litigation.

Center on Education Policy


Center on Education Policy is an association related to the advocacy of public education. It relays the message about the importance of education and lays out ways that the pandemic as affected learning.

National Center on Educational Outcomes


National Center on Educational Outcomes is a site that offers various curriculum and educational training programs for children with significant cognitive disabilities. It also offers informative charts and data to demonstrate to individuals how education is working.

Jobs and Education for People with Disabilities


Jobs and Education for People with Disabilities is a US government site that provides information on legal rights of disabled individuals and jobs for people with disabilities as well as how to handle harassment and discrimination on the job.

Internet Special Education Resources


Internet Special Education Resources offers educational programs, information and resources for special education and special needs students as well as attorneys that offers their assistance to these individuals.

Northwest Autism Center


Northwest Autism Center is an organization focused on helping those with autism specter disorder by offering education, training and valuable online and in-person resources.

Education Law Center


Education and Law Center is a site that offers information on helping students with disabilities as well as at-risk students and other underserved students. It provides research-based lectures, publications and training events and programs.

Special Education Law Blog


Special Education Law Blog is a site that provides a little of everything related to education, including special education, state and federal education laws and information on teaching and learning during a pandemic.


Last updated: 9/2/2020

Note: The information found on this page is based on information from other sources. If you are looking for a specific answer to a question that pertains to the topic of special education, we encourage you to please reach out to a professional.